Large Coast Live Oak Bonsai

Large Coast Live Oak Bonsai

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    The Oak Bonsai Tree is a very popular species of bonsai due to its unique foliage and strong trunk ...

  • Bonsai Tree Age: 7-10 Years Old
  • Height: 19" - 22" Tall Potted
  • Pot: 12" Ceramic Bonsai Pot
  • Classification: Broadleaf Evergreen
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Species: Live Oak
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The Oak bonsai features unique foliage making it a very sought after species of bonsai tree. The foliage features a shape that looks delicate but holds on to the tree very strongly. The Oak is also extremely hardy and resilient. A fast grower, the Oak tree can develop a thick trunk very quickly. The foliage back buds easily, making it easy to style and manipulate. Defoliate during late summer to produce smaller, tighter foliage.

Bonsai Specifications:
- Bonsai Tree Age: 7-10 Years Old
- Height: 19" - 22" Tall Potted
- Pot: 12" Ceramic Bonsai Pot
- Classification: Broadleaf Evergreen
- Level: Intermediate

Bonsai shape may vary from shown. Care information included. Bonsai pot may vary depending on availability.

Care Information

Pruning Tips:
The Oak bonsai can be pruned by cutting the leaves back as the branches become lignified or hardened with wood. The best times to make cuts is during early spring and late summer.

We recommend fertilizing your tree every month with a bonsai fertilizer. Time release granules are the easiest to use and can be added every season. Reduce the amount of fertilizer during the winter. Use a balanced fertilizer for best results. Take care to not over-fertilize as this can cause your leaves to burn.

Oak Bonsai trees thrive best with natural filtered sunlight. Foliage will grow quickly during the growing seasons, spring and fall.

Temperature Requirements:
Oak bonsai are evergreen trees. They thrive in both warm and cold conditions. They are very hardy to many climates and conditions.

Watering Requirements:
Oak Bonsai require moderate watering. We recommend using a soft spray to soak the soil. Ensure that water penetrates not only the topsoil but also into the roots by checking that draining is occurring on the bottom of the pot. Oak bonsai enjoy more moist conditions.

Oaks should be repotted during early spring for highest success rates. During repotting, we recommend less aggressive root pruning as the Oak bonsai does not like to have its roots disturbed too much. Repot your Oak as the tree outgrows the pot.

Oaks thrive the best in outdoor environments. Oak can tolerate very cold conditions.

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