Air Plant Combo Sets

Too many varieties to choose from? We've created a few kits that will help you get started with air plants. Choose from one of our sets to get a random sampling of some great air plants.

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  • Tilly Tacker Tilly Tacker

    Tilly Tacker

    Tilly tacker is an adhesive that can be used to attach Tillandsias or air plants to a variety of materials. Tilly Tacker is applied at room temperature, which is much safer for the plant than hot glue. It is also waterproof, allowing it to withstand...
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  • Hanging Air Plant Kit Terrarium DIY 6 Air Plant Set with Tilly Tacker

    DIY 6 Air Plant Set with Tilly Tacker

    This set includes 6 assorted air plants in various lengths and styles. Set also includes Tilly Tacker glue for fastening air plants to any surface. Common surfaces include frames, driftwood, signs, or planters. Designed exclusively by Eastern Leaf. Air...
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  • Rainbow Brights Air Plant Set

    Rainbow Brights Air Plant Set

    A set of 5 unique Tillandsia air plants chosen for their bright colors, blooms, and unique textures. Current set may include: Tillandisa Paleacea, Tillandsia Kolbii, Tillandsia Tenufolia Blue Flower, Tillandsia Brachycaulos, Tillandsia Ionantha Rubra,...
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  • Epiphytes Delight

    Epiphytes Delight 17-9-26 Air Plant Fertilizer

    EPIPHYTE'S DELIGHT 17-9-26 has been carefully formulated to help produce a maximum rate of growth for all air plants including apiphytic tillandsias and orchids. It works just as well for potted plants, too!Total Nitrogen (N)................................
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