Lucky Bamboo Favors

Decorate your next event, whether it be a business event, birthday party, or wedding, with a harbinger of good luck for all your guests. Our lucky bamboo favors are customizable to suit your needs, from color choices, vase selection, to the number of lucky bamboo stems in each arrangement.

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  • Mini Square Lucky Bamboo Wedding Favor Mini Square Favor
    ETA Mid-August
    ETA Mid-August

    Mini Square Favor

    As an smaller less expensive variation of our popular simple square favor, the vase for this favor measures 2"W x 2"L x 2"H. Because of its size, only gravel is available as the fill for the favor. The base price reflects the price of the glass vase with...
  • Bamboo Tube Favor Tube Favor

    Tube Favor

    This simple design still adds charm to an event without breaking the budget. Choice of bamboo stick size: 4" Bamboo Stick 6" Bamboo Stick Tube measures approx 3.5"L x 1.5"D. Please note: To keep shipping costs low, all favors arrive unassembled...
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  • White Sake Cup Favor White Sake Cup Favor

    White Sake Cup Favor

    Looking for a minimalist Asian zen theme? Our white sake cup favors are ideal for a simple minimalistic favor. Sake cups are made of polished white ceramic making them ideal for personalized stickers. Sake cup measures 2"H x 1.75"D. Pair with any...
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  • Square Glass <!-- Favor --> Square Glass Favor

    Square Glass Favor

    Add an elegant touch to your next event with this favor. The base price reflects the price of the glass vase with one 4" stick bamboo. You may add options to design your own custom arrangement including the desired number of sticks, small river rocks,...
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  • Lucky Bamboo Business Gift Square Glass - Custom Arrangement

    Square Glass - Custom Arrangement

    Choose from any style of arrangement. Square glass vase measures 3"W x 3"L x 3"H. All arrangements include river rocks. $11.85 - Arrangement #1: two 4" sticks, one 6" stick, two 8" sticks$13.85 - Arrangement #2: one 4" stick, two 6" sticks, three 8"...
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  • image_1809 Personalized Flags (Set of 20)

    Personalized Flags (Set of 20)

    Personalize your plant favor with little flag messages. Flags can be personalized with the name and date of your event. Arrives with bamboo sticks for easily assembly. Flags are shipped as stickers that can be folder together on the stick to create a...
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  • image_1043

    Personalized Raffia Hang Tags (Set of 12)

    Decorate your event favor with personalized hang tags. We custom print your name and date on the tags and attach it to raffia ribbon. Hang the tag on your lucky bamboo leaves or bonsai foliage.
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  • Sake Masu / Sake Cup Favor  <!-- Favor --> Sake Masu Favor

    Sake Masu Favor

    The sake masu was originally used to measure out rice, but they quickly became popular as a method of serving sake. In restaurants, a glass is often placed within a masu and then overfilled, ensuring that you receive a generous amount of sake. The...
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