Pumice / Perlite / Vermiculite

Pumice is a great ingredient for bonsai soil mixes. The porous nature of pumice is great for water absorption. The lightness of pumice also helps keep your pot light while still giving adding aggregate for drainage and aeration.

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  • Akadama Lava Pumice Soil Mix

    Akadama Lava Pumice Soil Mix

    $14.95 - $65.00
    Bonsai Soil Mix is Ready to Use! Provides proper plant support, moisture and drainage. Our multipurpose bonsai soil mix combines our most popular bonsai soil mix components. Useful for all types of bonsai trees. A lighter blend than our regular Akadama...
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  • Pumice Small Grain

    Pumice Small Grain

    $9.95 - $45.00
    One of the most important elements of a good bonsai soil mix is oxygen and aeration. The natural qualities of pumice give soil mixes great access to these attributes. The pores allow it to retain water well. Our pumice is sifted to give you just the...
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  • Perlite - Sponge Rock (Small)

    Sifted Perlite Sponge Rock

    $9.95 - $45.00
    Perlite also known as sponge rock is a very popular ingredient for bonsai soil mixes. The structure of the sponge rock helps create space for root growth, and aeration. The unique properties of perlite also allows it to absorb water and retain it for...
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  • Vermiculite


    Our coarse vermiculite is a great additive to soil mixes. An all natural ingredient, Vermiculite helps improve heavy soils and prevents compaction. It also helps aerate soil properly and retain moisture, the essential elements of a bonsai soil component...