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We offer classes, workshops, and programs throughout the year at our nursery. Join our bonsai community to connect with others and collaborate on trees. We welcome enthusiasts of all levels.

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    Bonsai 101 Essential Tips

    Compact and portable, this book breaks down key information on cultivating bonsai into 101 easy-to-grasp tips and gives quick answers to all your questions. Book includes photo illustrations and text. A perfect companion for a beginner to bonsai. Book:...
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  • Private Bonsai Lessons with Jason Chan 2024

    One Hour Virtual or in Person Private Bonsai Lessons with Jason Chan

    One Hour Virtual or in Person Private Bonsai Lessons with Jason These lessons are tailored to your skill level. Learn how to design trees from scratch or improve your existing trees. These lessons require bringing your own material. Jason will teach you...
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  • Viewing Stones of North America

    Viewing Stones of North America: A Contemporary Perspective

    A gallery of the finest North American viewing stones from private and institutional collections, with essays on the history of viewing stones in the West, modern North American stone appreciation concepts, Native American stone traditions, and the place...
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  • Miniscapes Miniscapes: Create Your Own Terrarium

    Miniscapes: Create Your Own Terrarium

    Create miniature landscapes for your home or office, or as unique gifts for loved ones.Terrariums offer the perfect green solution for the apartment or city dweller who is starved of nature but lacks space, time, or patience for outdoor projects. Now...
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  • Chrysanthemum Stones

    Chrysanthemum Stones: The Story of Stone Flowers

    Chrysanthemum stones are so called due to their unique mineral formations that resemble chrysanthemum flowers. A rarity in nature, they are found primarily in East Asia, where they have been admired for nearly three centuries; they are now achieving...
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  • Eastern Leaf Community 2024 Membership Dues

    Eastern Leaf Community 2024 Membership Dues

    Begins Saturday, January 20, 2024 Welcome to the Bonsai Community at Eastern Leaf. We love sharing our knowledge of bonsai with others, so we've created a space for enthusiasts of all levels to learn. Bring your own tree for advice, or simply watch...
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  • Bonsai Basics

    Bonsai Basics

    This book is a comprehensive guide to caring and cultivating for your bonsai. Beautifully illustrated with full-color photographs and step by step illustrations, it explains in detail all the techniques of how to keep a bonsai in optimal health and in...
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  • Contemporary Viewing Stone Display Contemporary Viewing Stone Display

    Contemporary Viewing Stone Display

    This exciting new book by Richard Turner, Thomas S. Elias, and Paul A. Harris offers fresh perspectives on an ancient practice for all readers from the curious to the connoisseur. Book contains over 250 photographs. Hardbound with dust jacket: 204...
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    Best Seller
    Best Seller

    Bonsai Pocket Guide: A Beginner's Journey

    Bonsai Pocket Guide: A Beginner's Journey, written by Eastern Leaf's founder and resident bonsai artist, Jason Chan.Over 25,000 copies sold within two years of publication. Learn how to care for and maintain a bonsai, including how to style and design a...
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