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Renee has always shared a special connection with nature and animals, thus she has been a vegetarian for over 15 years. Named "flower" in Chinese by her parents, her love of gardening and flowers gave her the inspiration to share the peaceful qualities of caring for indoor plants, such as lucky bamboo and orchids, to those who do not have access to them locally.

As a child, Renee enjoyed staring at the ocean or sitting in the yard watching butterflies and birds. Renee's other interests include ballet, bicycling, tennis, music, cooking, and caring for her pets. She is currently a Certified Public Accountant and applies her bilingual Mandarin skills at Eastern Leaf.


Jason took up the hobby of bonsai while he was in law school. At first doubtful about how pruning a plant could help relax the mind and body, he was surprised to discover that it actually did help ease the stress of studying and exams. Finding that it was difficult to locate a quality store for bonsai trees and other gift plants, he started Eastern Leaf with his wife Renee. He designed the site with the intention of capturing the minimalist qualities of bonsai and nature.

Jason's interests include tennis, playing guitar, basketball, swimming, maintaining his nursery and prized trees, and eating spicy food.

Our Mascots

Piyo is our golden Shar-pei. She enjoys rummaging through our warehouse inventory and bringing surprise gifts to Renee. To pass the time, she loves to race back and forth the warehouse floor greeting all the staff members. When she is not running around the warehouse, she likes to curl into a little ball or stare at our tropical fish tank.

Stitche who also goes by Mitter for some reason is our company dwarf rabbit. He spends his day either sitting below Jason's desk or on Jason's chair when he is away. When he's not overseeing the office from the chair, he likes to munch on fresh vegetables and carrots. He's also known to run circles around guests when he gets excited. Occasionally, he emits strange honking noises after finishing a meal.