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Choosing a bonsai soil mix can be a daunting task. There are so many variations on mediums. To make it easier, we've compiled the most widely used components to build your own mix. We've also got great ready to use blends. 

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  • Hyuga 18L Bag (Japan)

    Hyuga Medium Grain - 18L Bag (Japan)

    Hyuga is imported from Japan and very similar to pumice. It has great aeration, drainage, and good water retention qualities. Works well with Akadama for a bonsai soil mix. Hyuga is recommended for pines and junipers. How to use: Hyuga is primarily...
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  • Japanese Super Hard Akadama, Shohin Grain - 14L Bag (Japan)

    Japanese Super Hard Akadama, Shohin Grain - 14L Bag (Japan)

    Akadama is one of the most popular materials used for soil mixes for bonsai trees. Often combined with fine lava rock or other aggregate material, Akadama provides excellent drainage and aeration for healthy root growth. The unique characteristic of...
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  • Kanuma Small Grain 17L Bag (Japan)

    Kanuma Small Grain 17L Bag (Japan)

    Kanuma comes from an province of Japan named Kanuma which is well known for cultivating Azalea Bonsai trees. Kanuma has pores allowing both water retention and good drainage. Kanuma is more acidic than Akadama, therefore used mainly for Azaleas and...
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  • Vermiculite


    Our coarse vermiculite is a great additive to soil mixes. An all natural ingredient, Vermiculite helps improve heavy soils and prevents compaction. It also helps aerate soil properly and retain moisture, the essential elements of a bonsai soil component...