Getting Started with a Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Tree Care by Species
One of the most interesting aspects of bonsai is that each species of tree varies slightly in its care, maintenance, and training. Part of the fun is learning how each species grows and how we can train or shape it. If you've got a tree in mind, start here to get some helpful articles specific to your bonsai tree.

Training and Shaping Techniques
There are many different methods in which a bonsai can be trained ranging from clip and grow to wiring and placement. We've got some helpful tips and techniques below to get your started in training your tree. Once you've got a handle on basic care and maintenance on your bonsai tree, you can start to add your own personal design style.

Basic Care & Maintenance
Bonsai trees are much easier to care for than what most people think. For beginners, we always recommend getting a firm grasp of the basics in keeping your bonsai tree healthy and thriving. Browse our basic care and maintenance articles below.

Tree Cultivation
Looking to grow your own tree from cuttings or seeds? We've got some helpful on starting from scratch.

Bonsai Repotting and Transplanting
Repotting your Bonsai tree will help it stay healthy and promote growth as well as improve the overall aesthetics of your bonsai tree.

Intermediate / Advanced Techniques
LThese bonsai tree techniques and tips are great after you've learned the basics and want to improve your trees even more.

Bonsai Tools and Usage
Bonsai tools are essential when working with your trees.  There are quite a lot of tools, each with its own use and purpose.  We've compiled a few articles and videos to learn more about how they can help you.

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BONSAI CARE, MAINTENANCE, Training by species

Juniper Bonsai Tree Care

The juniper bonsai tree has long been recognized as one of the m ost popular trees.

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree Care

The Chinese Elm is one of the most beautiful types of bonsai trees for indoor and outdoor.

Satsuki Azalea Bonsai Tree Care

Satsuki Azaleas tend to bloom tighter smaller flowers ideal for bonsai.

Specialty Bonsai Tree Care

These trees differentiate themselves from the other varieties. Includes Olives, Boxwoods.

Black Pine Bonsai Tree Care

These evergreen trees make them popular choices for bonsai.

Maple Bonsai Tree Care

Maple Bonsai Trees are best known for their unique leaf shape and seasonal changes.

Ficus Bonsai Tree Care

Ficus bonsai trees produce broad thick leaves and are ideal for indoor environments.

Flowering Tea Tree Care

The Fujian Tea tree shares similarites with the Chinese Elm but with white flowers.

Soil & Repotting

Our Bonsai tree starter kits pair our most popular trees with the essential tools and maintenance accessories.

Bonsai Maintenance

Bonsai Watering Tips and Techniques

We've compiled the most widely used components to build your own mix.

Bonsai Fertilizer & Pest Control

Our special fertilizers have been specifically chosen for bonsai trees

Learn about Bonsai Soil Mixes

Humidity trays are both functional and decorative. Turntables make maintaining your tree easy and enjoyable.

Repotting, Soil Mixes, and Root Care

Glazed Bonsai Pots

Traditionally used for tropicals, deciduous, and flowering trees.

Choosing a Bonsai Pot

Ideal for Junipers, Pines, and evergreen conifers.

Bonsai Pot Styles

Designed for larger trees. These pots are made for heavier and taller trees.

BONSAI CARE, MAINTENANCE, Training by species

Bonsai Tree Tools and How to use them

Watering Wands

Browse our most functional and aesthetic styles of watering wands and nozzles.

Wiring & Training

Bonsai wire in aluminum and copper as well as tools to help you shape trees.

Shears & Pruners

Browse our collection of shears from Japan and China in various types of materials.

Branch / Trunk Cutters

High quality branch, root, and trunk cutters for tougher cuts.

Rakes / Tweezers

These tools make it easy to repot as well as aerate and increase water absorption

Moisture Meters

Moisture meters help you determine when your bonsai tree may need a fresh watering.


Minimal figurines can enhance and personalize the experience of a bonsai.

Rocks, Gravel, Marbles

Pair these rocks or marbles up with your plant and make it look more unique.

Take a tour of our Nursery

Join us on a tour of our nursery and growing grounds. We grow and train our trees so that they show up to your door in the healthiest and most vibrant condition.

Knowledge Center Articles

Browse our collection of tutorials and how-to videos to get you started on caring for and training your own bonsai.

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  • Video: Creating Movement in your Tree