By Juli Lu

Growing new plants from cuttings is an easy and fun way to propagate succulents. All it takes is a few weeks and a little bit of care for leaf cuttings from your Echeverias to sprout and develop new rosettes.

This technique can be used for any type of Echeveria with large leaves.  We love to do them with the Lolas because of their color. However, you can take any leaf from your favorite succulent to create your own farm.

What you'll need:

1. Echeveria Succulent with leaves
2. Soil (Potting or Succulent Soil Mix)
3. Nursery tray or cardboard box

Step 1:

Separate leaves cleanly from the stem. 

Step 2:

Lay the leaves out on a flat bed of soil or a paper towel. 

Step 3:

The cut ends of the leaves will begin to callous over. Mist with water lightly about once a week until roots begin to form, usually after one or two weeks.

Remember: Not all leaves will sprout, so separate a good amount so you'll have a lot to choose from! :)

Once roots form, lay them down in soil and tiny rosettes will begin to grow.  Soon you'll have your own Succulent Farm!