Home Decor

Nature Wall Decals

Great for accenting your walls quickly without a mess, made of highest quality vinyl.

Wind Chimes

Relax and immures yourself in a symphony of sound with Zen- inspired wind chimes.

Decorative Candles

Adorn your home with the warmth of nature with our beautifully crafted candles.

Sushi Boats

Decorate your next event with traditional styles Japanese sushi boats.

kokeshi https://www.easternleaf.com/ Friendship Dolls

These beautiful handcrafted Japanese kokeshi dolls are commonly given as gifts.

Paper Lanterns

The paper lanterns is used during special times throughout the year in celebration.

Books & Journals

Beautifully designed journal and bonsai books on techniques https://www.easternleaf.com/ care tips.

Outdoor Gardening

Garden Fountains

Decorate you garden oasis with a timeless Campania garden fountain.

Tabletop Fountains

Campania tabletop fountains are a perfect addition to decorate your outdoor space.

Bird Baths

Campania bird baths are perfect for bringing tranquility to your garden.

Garden Statues

Campania Asian inspired garden statues are perfect for pairing with your zen garden.

Japanese Garden Tools

Get back to basics with these Japanese Garden Tools, made with quality.

Pruners https://www.easternleaf.com/ Shears

Bonsai Shears are the most versatile and essential tool for maintaining your bonsai.

Zen Stones https://www.easternleaf.com/ Gardens

Customize your garden, bonsai, or money tree with decorative stone.

Bird Feeders

Enjoy the tranquility of wild birds with our decorative bird and hummingbird feeders.

Lantern https://www.easternleaf.com/ Buddha Statues

These statues are great for setting the mood in your Zen garden.

Cashepots https://www.easternleaf.com/ Planters

These pots all add an extra decorative touch for your existing home decor.

Apothecary & Aromatherapy

Body Lotion https://www.easternleaf.com/ Butters

Our Body lotions are carefully handcrafted only using high quality ingredients.

Hand Cream

Our signature hand cream is handcrafted using naturally nourishing oils and butters.

Handcrafted Soap

All natural and handcrafted, our soaps provide gentle cleansing while moisturizing.

Bath Soak https://www.easternleaf.com/ Scrubs

Made from all-natural and highly moisturizing butters with essential oils.

Gift Sets

Give a gift that can be enjoyed and is long lasting from our collection of gift set.

Soy Candles

Our soy blend candle burn clean and slower extending the fragrance enjoyment.

Reed Diffuser

Relax with the soothing scents of our reed diffusers.

Incense & Scents

Fill your home with the wonderful scents of one of our many incense.

Jewelry & Apparel


Our unique nature inspired jewelry are available in necklaces and earnings.


Love bonsai as much as we do? Check out our bonsai gear and apparel.

Knowledge Center Articles

Browse our collection of tutorials to get you started on caring and application for Air Plants.

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