Individual Air Plants

Tillandsias (air plants) are easy to care for, in both indoor and outdoor settings. 

Air Plant Kits

Create your own special arrangement with our air plant kits, includes all components. 

Air Plant Favors

Decorate your next event, great for weddings, parties, or corporate events.

Air Plant Combo Sets

Too many varieties to choose from? We've created a few kits to help you get started. 

Air Plant Tools & Accessories

Design Tools

Tools can help make designing your terrariums much easier.

Botanical Branches

Bring nature indoors with our natural and sandblasted botanicals and branches.

Sand & Rocks

Compliment your air plants with our natural river rocks and zen sand.

Air Plant Moss

Moss is great for adding texture as well as color to your air plant arrangements.

Knowledge Center Articles

Browse our collection of tutorials to get you started on caring  and application for Air Plants.

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