Tillandsias, also known as Air Plants, are extremely easy to care for. They do not require roots to grow, therefore they do not need soil. All nutrients and moisture are absorbed through the foliage. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Creating your own Air Plant arrangement is easy. All you need is a vessel and any Air Plant. In this DIY create your own Air Plant arrangement, we will be using the supplies listed under materials needed.

Gather your sea shell and air plant. You may use any vessel and air plant you would like; we are using the Purple Sea Urchin Sea Shells & Tillandsia Setacea Air Plant. Make sure the vessel you are using is clean and the air plant is properly hydrated before assembly.
You will want to gently insert the back of the Setacea Air Plant where it tapers into the opening of the sea shell. Make sure the air plant is secure, but has room for circulating air and can easily be inserted and removed from the vessel. We recommend removing the air plant for the vessel once a week to be watered.

To view complete favor kit, please click the link below to our Purple Sea Urchin Air Plant Favor.

Provide the arrangement with a location that gets filtered sunlight and air circulation. Water on a weekly basis by submerging the Tillandsia in water for up to an hour, then remove. The leaves on the Tillandsia plant will change to a green color to indicate proper hydration. After watering, gently shake off excess water that may have become trapped in the crevasses. Once dry, the Air Plant can be placed back in the sea shell.

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