Terrariums are great projects for people who are looking for plants that are easy and low maintenance. These arrangements can be designed to tie in to any decor; you can use a wide variety of plants, vases, and decorative elements.

In this article we will be going over how to create an open succulent terrarium using glass beads.

You will want to find a vase that best suits your needs; it can be an open or closed terrarium. We offer a wide variety of different vases and cloches in our Terrarium Vases section. We will be featuring the Small Pod Terrarium Vase in this article.
When creating your terrarium it is important that you have a base layer to provide proper drainage. Your drainage layer can be made of rocks or pebbles; we are using Lava Rock. On top of the base layer you will add a layer of potting soil; we are using Peat Moss.
You can add a variety of different succulents or cacti to you terrarium vase. Once you have chosen the plant(s) you will use, you will need to dig a small hole in the soil layer to insert the succulent. Make sure the soil is dry before planting. Remove your succulent from its growers pot and shake loose any excess soil from its roots. Once your plant(s) are in place, lightly press the soil around each plant to secure.

In this arrangement we have topped our terrarium with our Polished Glass Beads - Ocean. Add a layer of the glass beads to the top of the soil and spread evenly. Make sure get them as close to the succulent as possible by pushing them under the foliage. There are many different topper layers available such as river rocks, topper rocks, moss, and much more. To view more available topper items visit our Terrarium Essentials section.
Succulents can be easily overwatered which can lead to root rot. Water your succulents only when they are dry. Succulents need natural sunlight to stay healthy, place in a bright location. If placed in full sunlight, watch the leaves for burning. Fertilizer can be applied if the color seems off or is too yellow.
To make your terrarium more personalized you can always add figurines to make a landscape or just to add a fun element. Please visit our Figurines section for inspiration.

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