Bonsai Repairing
One of the most important techniques in bonsai is often one of the most overlooked. Since watering is a simple process, it is easy to pass it off and a simple exercise. However, if done incorrectly, your tree will suffer and may begin to deteriorate.

It is important to understand what the purpose in watering is or why we water. When we're watering our tree, the purpose is to hydrate the roots. Since a bonsai is confined to a small pot, the tree can only require on weather, or the person caring for the tree. If the weather is not rainy, the only source for water is the person caring for it.

The biggest mistake in watering is to measure out a set amount (for example, 1 cup) and pour it directly over the soil. At this point, what needs to happen is for the soil to absorb the water. If the soil does not absorb the water, then your tree has not been watered. If this occurs over just a few days, the soil will become so dry that no water will make it through the top layer of dry soil.

Our recommendation is to make one pass with the watering can over the soil. Once the soil has absorbed that first pass, make another pass. This will allow the second pass watering to penetrate further into the soil. A third pass will ensure that the water has reached the roots.

Remember, don't limit how much water your giving to your tree. If your bonsai has good soil, then the drainage will allow excess to run out thereby avoiding root rot. If you are worried about overwatering, we recommend switching to a mix with higher drainage.