Clip and Grow Technique
Clip and Grow Tip: Direct the Cut

The clip and grow technique is a fantastic method for training deciduous trees or trees that have brittle branches that are difficult to bend. Here's another quick tip on having more success with your clip and grow training.

Direct the cut to product growth into areas that require more branches. By doing this, you'll be able to fill open gaps and develop pads quicker. To do this, simple make the cut on the side that already has a lot of growth. This will direct the energy to push more sprouts and buds. You can then easily select the buds and sprouts that you want to develop and eliminate the ones that you don't need.

The trick with the clip and grow technique is let the tree develop on its own. You cannot always predict where the buds and sprouts grow but you can help direct where you want the tree to spend its energy.