Bonsai Repairing
Clip and Grow Technique: Cut back Aggressively

The clip and grow technique is one of my favorite methods of training. In some cases, with trees that have very brittle branches, it is the only way to train your bonsai tree. This method is also the classic method in which most bonsai trees are trained. Some popular trees that lend themselves well to the clip and grow technique are maples, chinese elms, olives, pyracanthas, hollys, and many more. Here's a tip on how to get the most out of your clip and grow trees.

Cut back aggressively. What we mean by that is to cut back hard. If you have a leggy branch, cut it back to where you want the growth. If this involves cutting off nearly the whole tree, then make the cut. You'll never be able to develop compact and dense foliage by hesitating on a cut. If you cut aggressively and take proper care of your tree, you will see new growth develop at the cut. This will take time. However, the rewards are you will be able to develop your tree much faster once the initial growth develops.

Repeat the process as new sprouts develop. Let them grow out a little bit to develop wood inside the branch before you cut back to ensure you will have another set of buds.