Bonsai Repairing
Appreciating the Winter Silhouette of a Bonsai Tree

When we think of a bonsai tree, sometimes all we think about is the foliage. We may look at the overall shape of the tree and the movement in the branches and trunk. But often, we forget about the secondary branches underneath the foliage. It's the branches underneath that are sometimes the most beautiful qualities of the tree. Some of these branches require years and decades to develop.

Deciduous trees are best known for having intricate branch structures. During the winter, when the leaves have fallen off of a tree, we are able to see the full outline (silhouette) of the tree's primary and secondary branches. With the foliage gone, we are able to fully see the ramifications and how the tree will fill in when spring does eventually arrive. We can also see how the artist designed the tree and which cuts were made to develop a wider branch structure and pad.

Because of the beauty of these deciduous trees during this time, many shows dedicate themselves only to deciduous trees that do not have any foliage at all. If you have the opportunity to view a show like this, we highly recommend it. They may change your perspective on how you approach trees. You never know, you may end up with a new favorite species as well.