Bonsai Repairing
Controlling Blossom Growth

Every winter, we get the opportunity to see cherry and pear blossoms fill up an entire tree. However, did you know you can control or accelerate the number of blooms on your tree?

If you're lucky enough to have a cherry, peach, or pear blossom bonsai tree, the easiest way to control the growth is by removing all the remaining leaves on the tree. By defoliating the tree, the blossom will push stronger and earlier. This is helpful if you plan on showing your tree at a bonsai show or if you would just like to have a fuller blossom growth.

Of course, your tree will do this naturally as well when the weather gets cold. If you'd rather not touch the tree, you can let nature runs its course. However, if you want the blooms to come out sooner, you can take over and remove the leaves. When spring approaches, the flowers will wilt away and new leaves will begin to appear again.