Scion grafting is a type of graft where you take a cutting from a donor tree and graft it to a mother tree (the tree receiving the graft).

To create a scion, you'll need to use a sterilized grafting knife to cut the scion on both sides at an angle. On the mother tree, you'll need to cut a slit on a branch in which the scion will be inserted into. In order to do this successfully, you will need to match the cambium on the donor tree with the mother tree. If they are lined up correctly, you will have a high success rate.

After matching the cambium and joining the two trees, you will need to wrap the graft with grafting tape to seal it. This will prevent water or dirt from interfering with the healing process. Grafting sealant can also be used to further seal the grafted area.

You'll know if you have performed a successful graft if new foliage begins to grow from the grafted scions. Once you see this, leave the graft on for a while longer. Once you are sure that the graft has "took", you may remove the wrap.