Getting into bonsai
Getting into a new hobby is always exciting, especially after seeing pictures of some fantastic trees or attending a bonsai show. Fortunately, learning about bonsai is not too difficult. The best way that we recommend is to learn from others. Teachers are available in many cities. However, there are so many clubs and organizations throughout the United States that finding a group to learn from only requires a simple google search or visit to the American Bonsai Society Website or Golden State Bonsai Federation website. Each of these organizations can put you in touch with various clubs around your area.

Once you're really ready to learn, attend a club meeting and start socializing. You'll find that all the members will have plenty to talk about. Club also regular schedule demonstrations by bonsai artists who will share their experience and techniques with the club. Club's also typically have workshops where members can bring their own tree and collaborate on ways to improve it. Clubs also regularly produce newsletters with a calendar of events for shows and conventions.

If you're unable to attend a club meeting, Youtube is also a great source for techniques and advice. Although watching a video is very different from actually putting your hands into a tree, they are a great source for a budding enthusiast.