There are an assortment of plants that you can use for your terrarium. The plants you choose will depend on the type of terrarium you are creating.

Closed Terrariums:

For closed terrariums we recommend green plants that prefer higher levels of humidity such as tropical plants. One of our favorites is the fittonia, a leaf green plant that is native to the tropical rainforest. Different types of ferns are also great for close terrariums due to their full foliage and dense growing pattern. Groundcovers and moss are also great for closed terrariums.

Open Terrariums:

Our most popular open terrarium plants are air plants and succulents. Both require minimal care and watering. Succulents come in a variety of colors and shapes. While Tillandsias or air plants give off unique vibrant flowers when they bloom. Air plants can also be paired easily with other air plants to create full arrangements.

Our top selling plants for terrariums are: