Terrariums are a great way to bring some life and greenery to your workspace or home. Choosing the type of terrarium you want to make or enjoy will depend on the amount of care you are able to give it. Generally, they fall into two categories, open and closed.

Closed Terrariums

Some terrariums are completely closed and are allowed to create their own self sustaining eco system. These terrariums have achieved a balance which will continue to nourish and keep the plant healthy and thriving. For most of us, these terrariums are hard to attain as it requires some experimentation and knowledge to balance. Luckily it's not an all or nothing type of thing. Many terrariums arrive with lids can be opened and closed to allow for watering and the occasional human interaction. For these types of terrariums, choose plants that enjoy high humidity levels. Take care not to roast your plants by placing them too close to direct sunlight or near a heater. Watch the levels of condensation on the glass carefully to make sure this isn't too much or too little water retention. You can supplement dry terrariums with water, but do so moderately as the water will have no other place to drain to other than at the bottom of your container.

Open Terrariums

Open Terrariums are a little easier as you can choose plants that don't require much water such as succulents or air plants. Simply place these in the terrarium container and water as needed. Often this can be as minimal as once per week. Open Terrariums also benefit from natural air flow and evaporation so there is less likelihood of rotting or excess water collection. Take care to avoid direct sunlight as well to avoid burning of plants. Containers can get hot very quickly and dry out your plants.

Both types of terrariums can provide a great amount of enjoyment to a home with minimal maintenance. Experiment with either to find out which you prefer the most.