Creating your First Terrarium
Terrariums are a great way to create your own indoor garden. They are also great for placing indoors where you can appreciate them every day right in your own home. To create a terrarium, it is good to be mindful of a few things. Those things include a good soil mix, base layer, and proper plants.

Soil Mix & Base Layer
Since most terrariums do not have drainage holes on the bottom of the vase, you'll want to make sure that excess water will have a place to go without creating standing water directly near the roots of the plants. To do so, you'll want to fill the bottom of your vase or container with a coarse mix such as lava rock. This will give a place for the excess water to sit between waterings. Directly above the lava rock, you'll want to add your potting mix or something that will retain a little bit of water. Most terrarium plants do not require fast draining soil mix so most regular potting mixes will work fine. The potting mix will also make it easy to plant your plants within the terrarium.

Choosing Proper Plants
Once you've got your soil inside the terrarium, you'll want to choose the proper plants. Some plants do not like to be too hot or don't enjoy being indoor (if you plan on having your terrarium plant inside). If you like green plants, you can choose regular houseplants that tend to enjoy the inside atmosphere possibly near a window sill. If you are able to care for it in a similar fashion, these plants generally work quite well in a terrarium. Succulents and Air plant are also great alternatives as they don't require much water. Air plants enjoy a little bit more humidity over succulents but both work quite well in a terrarium. Just remember to choose the appropriate type of plant depending on a closed or open terrarium. Plants that like air flow or tend to rot are more suited to open terrariums. While others that like a greenhouse-type atmosphere are great for closed terrariums.