Terrarium Care
Terrariums are a great way to bring a little bit of nature into your home. These self contained gardens require minimal care but add beautiful color and serenity to a workspace or home.

Open vs Closed Terrariums
Luckily, terrariums are extremely easy to care for, assuming the proper plants are chosen. Succulents are a great plant type for open terrariums. Due to their drought tolerant nature, they are extremely easy to care for and require minimal water. Usually they only require water only when they start to appear dry. For closed terrariums, we recommend going with green plants that prefer a humid warm environment. With closed terrariums, the proper balance requires little to no care as the natural cycle of humidity and condensation will continue to hydrate the plants. Misting may required occasionally to supplement. However, once a closed terrarium is established, it may not require much care at all.

Assuming you've set up your terrarium correctly with a course base layer for collecting water and are using the correct type of soil mix, maintaining the health of your terrarium can be very easy to do. Simply check to see if the soil is dry, if it's wet, then water around the plants to rehydrate the soil. Succulents tend to be prone to root rot, so it's best to under water them rather than over water. Just keep an eye out on your terrarium plants. If they start to look dry, give them a little bit of water. Since terrariums typically do not have drainage holes, a good amount of residual water will remain on the bottom of the vase. This water will eventually absorb back into the soil if allowed to do so. Over-watering will lead to too much water in the base layer and can cause your plants to develop root rot.