Bonsai Repairing
You've seen a bonsai tree at a show or museum and now you want to know how it's possible to create one. A popular misconception is that the trees you see as bonsai trees are special varieties that grow small. However, most trees you see are common species of trees that you see all over landscapes. Many trees you see on your neighbor's front lawn can be made into amazing bonsai trees. So how do you do it?

The primary difference is controlling the growth and waiting for new growth over each season. When a tree is first collected or determined that it will be trained to be a bonsai tree, the tree is cut back drastically. In some cases, all the limbs are removed and only the trunk is left. This process is called repairing a tree and is the first step in creating a bonsai tree. After that, depending on the tree, the tree will begin to grow new sprouts and buds. These buds will become branches and buds from those branches will become secondary branches. As this process continues, the tree will begin to take shape.

Unfortunately, this process takes time. With some species of trees, this process can take decades. Many trees are passed from generation to generation as this ongoing process continues. The secret to bonsai is patience and time. However, developing a bonsai tree is attainable for everyone who is willing to try it. Next time you see a tree that you want to make a bonsai.