Satsuki Azalea Bonsai Training
It is important to understand the growing pattern of your bonsai tree. Certain species of trees will lose all their leaves during the winter. These types of trees are classified as deciduous. This is perfectly normal. In fact, many bonsai shows feature a winter silhouette show. During these shows, only deciduous trees are featured with little to no leaves. The purpose of shows like this are to appreciate the ramification of the branches and overall branch structure of the tree which would normally not be visible if covered with foliage.

One important advantage of dropping leaves for trees is to conserve energy and water. The dormancy period is natural and will help your tree survive through cold winters or harsher conditions. However, when spring comes around, these trees will wake up and sprout all new growth.

Deciduous trees are often recommended for intermediate to advanced enthusiasts. However, beginners can enjoy them as well as long as you let the tree go through its natural cycles. When the leaves drop, don't try to force them to come out by over fertilizing or placing them in a greenhouse. Enjoy the time that the tree does not have growth and then when spring rolls around, enjoy seeing the tree flourish.