Satsuki Azalea Blooming
Satsuki azaleas are one of the most desirable species of bonsai trees. This mostly due to their flowering nature. Our satsuki azaleas bloom anywhere between October and June and can sometimes bloom more than once per year. One of the nicer things to see is your Satsuki Azalea blooming in the middle of winter.

Promoting blooms can only be done by properly caring for your bonsai tree. Water your tree daily keeping the soil moist at all times. Using a good bonsai soil mix will help keep your tree healthy, which in turn will often make your azaleas bloom more than once.

Fertilizing your bonsai will keep your tree strong and can sometimes help with the blooming cycle. Fertilizer such as Dyna-Gro Bloom is a great fertilizer for your Satsuki Azaleas and ensure a vibrant bright bloom.

The combination of both will keep your Azalea bonsai tree healthy and more likely to bloom as often as possible.