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Jason Chan is a founding member of Bonsai Jidai, Southern California's premier school of bonsai. He serves on the board of the Golden State Bonsai Federation and is also the editor of their quarterly publication. He has also served as an officer for Kofu Kai, one of Southern California's largest bonsai club. He contributes articles regularly to various bonsai publications and holds demonstrations and classes at his workshop.
Bonsai Basics: How to Repot your Tree
Repotting your bonsai tree is essential for maintaining the health of your bonsai tree. In this video, we go over the steps on how to repot your bonsai tree including how to prepare your bonsai pot.
Bonsai Basics: How to Water your Tree
Most beginners make the mistake of not watering their tree enough. In this video, we go over two methods for adequately hydrating your tree.
Bonsai Tools Explained: Types and Uses
In this video, we discuss the various types of bonsai tools and their general uses for working with a bonsai tree. The video goes through the toolkit of bonsai artist Jason Chan.
Bonsai Basics: How to Wire a Bonsai Tree Branch
In this video, we go over the basics on wiring a juniper bonsai tree branch. We discuss cleaning the foliage off your tree and wiring tips and techniques.
Bonsai Basics: How to Use Guy Wire
In this video, we discuss the tools needed to complete this technique as well as the set up on your bonsai tree. With this technique at your disposal, you'll be able to bend branches that you originally thought were not possible to bend.
How to Prune a Chinese Elm Bonsai
In this video, we go through some of the key techniques in training and shaping a chinese elm bonsai. The basic premise of the clip and grow technique is covered along with directional pruning tips for a chinese elm.
Bonsai Basics: How to Create Movement in your Bonsai Tree
In this video, we go over how to wire your bonsai tree’s trunk to create movement. We also demonstrate how applying wire to your secondary branches can transform your material.
Bonsai Basics: How to Decandle a Black Pine
In this video, we go through some of the techniques for pruning your black pine bonsai including decandling, proper balancing, and general tips and techniques.
Bonsai Tools: Choosing a Bonsai Shear
In this video, we compare the top 3 recommended shears for varying skill levels. We go over the pros and cons of each and which shear will work best for your situation or level.
Bonsai Design: Choosing a Front
In this video, we go through the 3 major factors I consider when choosing a proper front on a bonsai tree. This is typically the first step in the bonsai design process. The video goes over choosing a front on nursery raw material on a large and small tree.
Bonsai Styling Timelapse
In this video, Jason demonstrates a restyling, or arrangement of branches on a bonsai. He goes over tips and techniques on how to arrange a branch, creating layers, and giving depth to your tree.
Bonsai Timelapse: San Jose Juniper
In this video, I style a San Jose Juniper. I go over some basic techniques I use to lower branches. I also give tips on tricks that I use when styling a tree and how to reveal more in your bonsai tree.
Maintaining a John Naka Bonsai
John Naka was considered one of the pioneers of American bonsai. He helped popularize the art in the United States beginning the 1950s. Two of his books, Bonsai Techniques I and Bonsai Techniques II, are regarded as two of the most important books covering the art of bonsai.
Bonsai Timelapse: Semi Cascade Juniper
In this video, I style Semi-Cascade Juniper. At the end of the video, I review the thought process involved while styling the tree and how you might apply it to your own trees.
Preparing a 200 year old Bonsai
In this video, we go over the preparation for a 200 year old Juniper bonsai for the GSBF Bonsai Convention.