Air plants are most desirable due to their easy care. Since all the nutrients are absorbed through the foliage, the plant does not require roots or soil. This makes the plant very clean and eliminates any issues such as root rot or other ailments found on other trees and plants.

To water your air plant, simply spray it once a day. If you don't want to water it daily, simply soak the plant in a bowl of water for an hour weekly. It's very easy to see if the plant is starting to absorb the moisture by looking at the foliage. The foliage will start to turn a bright green color when the tree begins absorbing water.

Air plants love air, hence their name. They love conditions where they can receive a lot of air. They may seem like they are drying out but they are not. Daily or weekly hydrating will restore them quickly.

Air plants also love light. Give them a nice shaded or filtered light area and your air plant will thrive.

Because of their easy care requirements, air plants can be placed both outdoors and indoors. However, take care during the winter months to bring them inside so they do not freeze.