Now that spring is here. You might start to see some new buds or growth appear on your trees. Don't panic, you don't have to do anything special. Fight the urge to give heavy fertilization to your tree. The best time to fertilize is prior to seeing the buds. If you decide to add fertilizer now, you run the risk of burning the new growth. This won't necessarily kill your tree but may give it a harder chance at getting stronger growth.

Let the tree develop it's bud naturally. You'll find that with some species such as the Chinese Elm, you'll have full growth in under a month. Water your tree normally and enjoy watching the new leaves sprout.

When it comes to pruning, let your tree grow out untouched. You'll want to make sure all your tree's foliage is healthy and strong prior to working on it. New growth tends to be weaker. For some branches, it takes time for the wood to develop inside the growth.