Creating your first lucky bamboo arrangement is extremely easy. To create your first arrangement, gather your materials. This would include some live lucky bamboo stalks, rocks, and a nice sturdy vase. In place of rocks, you can also use marbles, gravel, or any type of material that won’t rot that will help keep your arrangement in place.

To start, gather your different lengths of bamboo stalks together and bunch them together similar to a floral bouquet. Arrange each one into a position you think will look the best. We recommend going with different sizes to create depth. Once you’ve decided on a set position, use a rubber band to tie them together.

Prepare your vase by rinsing it out and setting a base layer of rocks on the bottom of the vase. Place your lucky bamboo “bouquet” in the center and fill the sides with rocks. Fill the rocks to about 1/2″ below the top of the vase. This will give some extra room for the water to sit. When you see your water level drop below the rocks, you’ll know it’s time to water.

Fill the vase with filtered water and place it in a nice location away from direct sunlight.