The health of a money tree largely depends on the healthiness of the trunk. Money trees do not have a long root structure. Most of the nutrients are absorbed through the roots that develop from the base of the trunk.

The best way to keep your money tree healthy is to ensure that the trunk stays healthy and does not get soggy or rotten. The leading cause for people to lose their money trees is by overwatering. When the tree is overwatered, the trunk will absorb too much and start to get soggy and wrinkly. (pictured to the left) Money trees only need to be watered every other week.

The best way to water your money tree is to use a direct pour to the soil, avoiding the exposed part of the trunk and the leaves. Money trees should not be top watered over the foliage. A healthy money tree will have a trunk with a solid feel to it and should not be easy squeezable. If the trunk has already become soggy, we recommend removing it from the rest and to try nursing it back to health on its own.