When it comes to choosing a type of fertilizer, there are lots of choices and brands but one of the most discussed topics with fertilizer is whether to go with liquid or to go with granule fertilizer.

Granule fertilizer is extremely easy to use and does not require any mixing. Simply add it to the top of your bonsai tree and it will start to work. Some granules require UV rays to break down the shell so make sure you follow the instructions to see how to use your bonsai fertilizer. One thing that’s great about a granule fertilizer is that it’s usually slow release, meaning as you water your tree daily, it will slowly dissolve into the soil. This is a great option for people that like to see if their fertilizer is being used and it makes it visually easy to see if the fertilize needs to be replaced. For beginners, we always recommend granule fertilizers. Even on professional show level trees, a slow release fertilizer is used.

Liquid fertilizer is a little bit more cumbersome to work with. However, if you follow the instructions, you’ll be able to mix a good amount easily. Usually one concentrated dose of about a tsp on most brands will yield about 2 gallons. Follow the directions on your fertilizer. The biggest benefit of using a liquid fertilizer is how quickly it gets absorbed by the tree. This will give you fast and instant results as opposed to granule fertilizer. The downside is that it can get washed away through watering. If you are using a quick draining soil mix, your fertilizer can wash away after a few waterings.

So next time you need to choose a fertilizer, decide on which method you’d like to go for. Both are great for bonsai trees if used correctly.