Jins are a great way to add character and style to your bonsai tree. It also lets you utilize the unused branches on a tree and create interesting and unique deadwood effects.

Typically Jins are created through the use of 2 step process to expose the wood. First by scoring the branch where it connects to the trunk. Then using pliers to squeeze the branch to break the bark in order to peel it away from the branch to reveal the deadwood. However, as reliable as this technique is, it can sometimes still be difficult and cumbersome.

We like to use a simple inexpensive wood carving tool that peels the bark off the tree in one simple motion. To expose all the deadwood on a branch, use the tool repeatedly on all sides until all the bark is removed. For smaller jins, using this tool is much quicker and safer. For large jins, it makes getting to the hard to reach spots very easy.