Branch arrangement is most often the difference between a good bonsai tree and a wonderful bonsai tree. Unfortunately branch arrangement is one of the most difficult things to learn as it requires good fundamental wiring and a good design of the tree. With the modern style of designing bonsai trees, the objective is to arrange the branches in a way that gives the tree the most full look, a full 360 degree view around the entire tree. This differs from the traditional method of designing a tree in which the branches are clearly to the left right and back of the tree.

Luckily you can practice this technique. To practice, wire all of the branches including the secondary branches. Make sure you use the correct gauge wire and ensure a proper hold on all the branches. Move the branches in position to not expose the faulty fish bone arrangement but rather a more alternating structure. Continue upwards from the bottom of the tree to the apex. If you’ve done a good job, your tree will look full. If not, you might either have to wait for more growth or adjust some branches. Either way, this is a great exercise in wiring and bending branches.