Pinching or cutting your juniper foliage and needles. Which one is the better method? Traditionally, the technique for pushing back growth in junipers was to pinch the needle tips of the juniper foliage. By doing so, it would push the foliage back so that the branch would not get as long.

However, modern method of styling a bonsai tree recommend letting the tips grow out strong to bring the energy out on the branch, improving the overall health of the juniper tree. By pinching the tips off the juniper, you are preventing the tree from pushing the energy through and therefore weaken the tree.

Next time, you have a juniper with strong growth, it is okay to let it grow out. When you feel that it is time to push back the growth, use your shears to bring the tree back in. The result will be a much healthier, stronger tree that is easier to style.