Nearly every bonsai enthusiast is always trying to improve their technique. After looking at trees in books, we would all like to know how to accomplish some of the things that many renowned bonsai masters accomplish. Here are two tips that I’ve learned while apprenticing and teaching that have done wonders for improving trees.

1. Wiring: Solid Anchors – This is a technique that you must master. If you are able to bend any size branch wherever you would like, then every tree has potential. Always anchor your wire securely, either to another branch or to the trunk. Gaps in the wire will cause a loose connection and prevent you from bending a branch where you would like it. Yes, you will need to remove the wire when it starts biting in. However, every showcase tree undergoes multiple wirings before it is shown.

2. Wiring: The Right size wire - Using the right size wire is essential to bending a branch. Many times, an undersized wire is used resulting in the inability to bend a branch. This often leads to discouragement. However, if you use the correct size wire, bending a branch will become very easy. You can then easily put movement into the branch or bring it down to its desired location.