Choosing a bonsai species can be difficult. There are so many species and varieties that can make it hard to decide. Some trees prefer the clip and grow method of training while others need to be wired. You’ll also want to consider how each tree will respond to the different seasons.

Our favorite species for all weather conditions are the juniper and the pines. Both species are extremely hardy to all weather conditions (heat and snow) making them perfect for new enthusiasts. However, both can still be trained with wire and shaped easily which make it a great option for intermediate and advanced hobbyists as well.

Junipers: The perfect species for introducing yourself or a recipient to the art of bonsai. The branches are extremely flexible and forgiving making it perfect for learning how to wire. The tree will always back bud, so new branches grow quickly in case you break a branch. Junipers can also be styled in a variety of methods, ranging from classical styling methods to modern layering styles.

Black pines: The Black Pine, also known as the “King of Pines”, is a must for every bonsai collector. The branches of a black pine can be bent with wire very easily. Candle cutting is the only technique that may require some learning. However, once you learn the basics, your Black Pine will have limitless potential. Great for beginners that want to learn basics. For advanced enthusiasts, the Black pine can be the most rewarding tree in your collection.