Welcome to the Eastern Leaf project archive. We've compiled a collection of great DIY projects and instructional exercises for working with your bonsai trees, ikebana, or other zen gardening projects. Start with beginner exercises and work towards more advanced techniques.

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Jason is an apprentice of bonsai master David Nguy and founding member of Bonsai Jidai, Southern California's premier school of bonsai. He's also a member of the board of the Golden State Bonsai Federation and is an officer in Kofu Kai, Southern California's largest bonsai club. He shares his bonsai tips through the Eastern Leaf website. Direct Message him at @easternleaf.

Repotting your Bonsai Tree
Step-by-step guide to repotting your bonsai tree. Goes over replacing soil and stabilizing your tree... read more

A basic tutorial on how to create more character in your bonsai tree. Demonstrates how to add movement to your bonsai tree's trunk. ... read more

Learn how to wire your branches so you can easily position them into place. Reviews wire sizing and how to apply bonsai wire to a bonsai tree... read more

Quick tutorial on how to properly prepare your bonsai pot for a new tree...
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