The Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement
Originating from Japan, Ikebana is an ancient art style dedicated to achieving balance and harmony in flower arrangements. At its core, Ikebana focuses not only on the flowers of a plant, but the balance between the stems, branches and shape of plant material to compliment any floral additions.

Placement / Arranging
Placement is the essential component in the art of Ikebana. Materials are carefully placed based on specific angles and measurements. However, although these rules can be rigid, the forms can be manipulated in a multitude of ways allowing for creative expression. The beauty of Ikebana is the combination in which the stems or branches are used to accentuate and emphasize the color or shape of the flowers.

Since plants and flowers grow in a vast variety of shapes and sizes, an endless combination of arrangements can be created, each one blending the simplicity and color of each piece.

Enjoying the Art
Ikebana is not only about the art of form, but the process and practice as well. Ikebana arrangements reflect the personality and mood of the practitioner. To assemble a delicate arrangement, the practitioner must be relaxed and focused. Through Ikebana, Japanese believe you can harness a gentle spirit and improve clarity in your mind.