Our Story

Exploring the World:
The story of tea begins with the founder, Jason, and his father's travels throughout the world from all parts of Asia, Europe and South America. As a person who enjoys fine tea in all its varieties, Jason's father collected teas from around the world and brought them home to share with the family. His favorites were the Chinese and Japanese teas particularly variations of Green Tea and Black Tea.

Intrigued by the styles of each country's tea and its origins, Jason soon found an enjoyment of drinking tea as well. However, he felt that other tea flavor possibilities could be explored.

The Tea Pavilion was founded on the principles of great quality tea and only natural ingredients. First and foremost, our focus is on high quality tea. When we add blends, we strive to accentuate the flavor of the base teas, never to overpower them.

We hope you'll enjoy the tea store and find a little bit of creativity in your own tea blends. If you have any questions at any time, we welcome you to give us a call or stop by our store.

"It's not always about the destination or the finished product. It's the journey and everything you discover along the way."
Jason, Eastern Leaf Founder