About our Tea Blends

At Eastern Leaf, it's all about experimenting with what we love, tea, and having fun while doing it. And that's what tea blending is all about. With tea blends, we can mix and match the distinct tastes and aromas of popular teas, fragrant herbs, and spices to create unique flavors.

What we don't do however is add artificial flavors. Tea is natural and we only compliment it with other natural ingredients.

So how we come up with our tea blends? It's simple. We get a bowl and we open our senses. With a flavor concept in mind, we mix and we brew. After brewing, we enjoy what we've made and reflect on it. The goal is to never overpower the original qualities of the base tea and only to add subtle hints of flavors. When the blend is just right we make the blends available to everyone.

If you're creative and open to new tastes, you'll love tea blends. We've put together our favorites but we welcome you to create your own tea as well.

Design your own tea!