Every woman loves flowers! To please your wife, mother, grandmother or any other special woman in your life, give them a plant that has a little extra color in it. Our fusion of live lucky bamboo stalks and silk flowers create a bright colorful arrangement that your special individual will surely love. In addition to the bamboos, we have Flowering Azaleas that bloom twice a year which will add a beautiful touch to the soft green tree.
Give your husband, father, grandfather or a friend something different for Christmas this year instead of the usual tie. Add something green to his workspace with Bonsai trees. Junipers and Money Trees are usually the favorites for men. If he’s into sports, we offer Junipers that come with a decorative sport ball. Our selections of sports include Golf, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball and Soccer.
For someone who has never cared for a bonsai and is interested in starting bonsai as a hobby, certain trees such as Money Trees, Junipers, and Boxwood would be most suitable. These trees require basic care, including daily watering and maintaining basic light levels.
Characterized by its leaf shape and its curvy stem development, the Chinese Elm is perfect for the hobbyist because it enjoys daily attention compared to other Bonsai trees. Other types of trees include Schefflera, Trained Olive, and Flower Azaleas.
Our collection of unique trees is great for the experienced Bonsai cultivator. Each of these trees has been carefully selected and cultivated for more than 10+ years. We ship the exact tree pictured when purchasing a unique tree. This way, the recipient can start with a general shape and carefully train and prune them further.