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Novar, a Honeywell Company, is the global leader in multi-site controls and energy management. As the market leader in its industry, they provide extensive products and services that help meet multi-site energy management needs.

Novar wanted to promote an eco-friendly gift to its recipients by giving them money trees, often viewed as a harbinger of good luck and fortune when given to recipients. They requested for the money trees to come in custom-made packaging that replicated their products. They also wanted to hang money tree notes on each stem to help convey their company message.

Per their request, we printed out miniature mock dollar bills and hung them as ornaments on each ficus bonsai tree branch. The effect was a decorative element that contributed to making the Ficus bonsai look like actual money trees. Based on their requirements for custom packaging, we were able to acquire the exact custom-sized materials they wanted to suit their needs. Our fulfillment services included monthly sending of their trees to their clients while providing dedicated warehouse storage space for their custom packages.

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