Which Species is Right for You?

There are over 25,000 species of orchids, but not all are suitable for cultivating in your home or greenhouse. We have selected a few variations for your collection. Some varying in their growth patterns, bloom length, level of care needed, and scent. By reading the care information of each species of orchid, you can identify which orchid matches your care style. Care information is available on each orchid product page.

Most Popular

Orchids are simple to maintain and not as delicate as you think. However, special care is required to enjoy the blooms and maintain them in their peak condition. The most popular type of orchid is the Phalaenopsis, mainly due to their long bloom, and their tolerance to various climates. As houseplants, they need different conditions to succeed.

Quick Tips

Orchids will grow almost anywhere in the house. But here are some quick tips to make them last.


  • Keep orchids from direct sunlight, instead place them in a shaded but well lit area.
  • Always provide humidity to the orchids, either by putting them a humidity tray or a mist with a sprayer.


  • Do not place orchids in a dark corner of a room.
  • Do not allow heat sources to get near the orchid. (such as vents, electronics, kitchen stove)