About Bonsai

A bonsai, literally translated to “tree in a pot”, is simply a potted miniature version of its normal sized counterpart. Originating from China and Japan, bonsai were originally cultivated from trees growing in the wild. Over time, the practice gained popularity as an art form. Perhaps, the beauty and discipline stemmed from the desire to control something as grand as a large tree into such a small pot. The practice migrated to the West and quickly became a hobby because of the various methods of training and shaping a tree. Many bonsai enthusiasts enjoy the hobby because of the tranquil feeling experienced when caring and maintaining the tree.

Popular Varieties

Various species of trees became signature bonsai subjects including Junipers, Elms, Ficus, and Olives. Of them, the Juniper is one of the most desired to due to its flexibility and ability to be trained. Junipers are also capable of being grafted to wood trunks or rock surfaces. When choosing a variety, it is important to consider the qualities of the tree that match you or your recipient. Some trees have thicker trunks or larger softer leaves. Some trees also flower.

Caring for your bonsai

Contrary to popular belief, bonsai trees are not difficult to care for. However, they do require regular maintenance such as regular watering and proper light placement. All our trees come with detailed care instructions to ensure that the bonsai will thrive. Our knowledge base is also available for troubleshooting tips and general questions.