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The Baltimore Examiner Newspaper

The Baltimore Examiner, a daily newspaper in Baltimore, Maryland, is part of a national chain that includes the San Francisco Examiner and Washington Examiner.

For the holidays, the Baltimore Examiner was looking for a holiday gift for its employees. They wanted a gift that would be presentable for hand delivery to each person. The product selected was the miniature money tree cube in a red.

Originally interested in a red pot for the miniature money tree, the pot color was changed to beige on short notice. Despite the large quantity change in color, Eastern Leaf was able to repot the trees and make the change within a day. The trees were then individually packaged and freight delivered.

To ensure healthy delivery of the trees in the cold weather, the shipment was guaranteed with a transit time of three days. The shipment was also carefully insulated and sent with heat packs to control the temperature of the trees. The result was a vibrant holiday gift tree on arrival to all its recipients.

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