Quince Bonsai Tree Care Information

The success of your bonsai depends on a variety of factors, most notably watering and light. Below are some species specific guidelines to follow that will help ensure that your bonsai will stay healthy and happy.

Pruning Tips:
Quince bonsai are best pruned during the spring right before they begin to push flowers and buds. The clip and grow method works very well with this species. However, branches can also be wired because of the flexibility of the branches. The quince growth pattern makes it ideal to train as a clump style bonsai.

Fertilize your tree monthly with bonsai fertilizer during the spring, summer and fall. Fertilizer is not necessary during the winter.

Temperature Requirements:
Avoid intense afternoon sun in the summer. Quince Bonsai trees thrive in both cold and temperate climates.

Watering Requirements:
Water, wait a few minutes, and water again. Repeat this several times to insure that your Quince bonsai tree has received a thorough watering.

Repot your Qunice during spring and fall. We recommend a well draining mix. Trees that are repotted prior to the blooming season may skip a season.