Ginkgo Bonsai Tree Care Information

The success of your bonsai depends on a variety of factors, most notably watering and light. Below are some species specific guidelines to follow that will help ensure that your bonsai will stay healthy and happy.

Pruning Tips:
Prune the Ginkgo with sharp gardening shears. Prune branches and old shoots in late spring. New growth is sporadic and random on a Ginkgo.

Fertilize twice a month during spring/mid-summer and in early September-October.

The Ginkgo Bonsai tree enjoys full sun to partial shade. The low intense sun will improve the autumn yellow color of the leaves.

Temperature Requirements:
Protect the Ginkgo Bonsai from prolonged or severe freezing, as the roots can expand with water from the frost and burst.

Watering Requirements:
Water the Ginkgo Bonsai daily, keeping the tree and soil moist at all times. Spray foliage regularly. During winter, the soil should be kept fairly dry to avoid frost damage to the roots.

You can repot the Ginkgo Bonsai every year in late winter or early spring.

Indoor / Outdoor:
The Ginkgo Bonsai thrives best in outdoor conditions. During the winter, trees can be overwintered to protect them from freezing. This tree will lose all its leaves during winter. Proper care during the winter period will ensure growth in the spring.