Ficus Bonsai Tree Care Information

The success of your bonsai depends on a variety of factors, most notably watering and light. Below are some specie specific guidelines to follow that will help ensure that your bonsai will stay healthy and happy.

Pruning Tips:
The Ficus bonsai can be easily trained and pruned using the clip and grow method. Prune back to 2-4 leaves after 6-10 leaves have grown. The Ficus Bonsai tree constantly rotates leaves and sprouts new buds as old ones fall. This occurs most frequently when acclimating to new temperatures. Yellowing of mature or internal foliage is a normal occurrence for this species in the spring and early fall.

We recommend fertilizing your bonsai tree every month with a bonsai fertilizer. Time release granules are the easiest to use and can be added every season. Reduce the amount of fertilizer during the winter. Take care not to over-fertilize as this can cause your leaves to burn or grow too leggy.

Ficus bonsai trees will grow decently in low light but thrive in high light conditions. We recommend filtered natural sunlight. If placed in full sun, take care to manage your watering to prevent your tree from drying out.

Temperature Requirements:
The Ficus prefer warmer temperate climates with more humidity. Colder temperatures under 45 degrees Fahrenheit may result in frostbitten leaves.

Watering Requirements:
Water moderately, increasing in summer and decreasing in winter. We recommend using a soft spray to soak the soil. Ensure that water penetrates not only the topsoil but also into the roots by checking that draining is occurring on the bottom of the pot. Many Ficus bonsai trees are very tolerant of being over or under-watered, which makes them ideal for beginners. The Ficus bonsai tree also enjoys daily misting to maintain humidity.

Repot every 2-3 years, although some will grow rapidly enough that yearly repotting may be necessary. The best time is before a new growth spurt, especially in spring, but Ficus bonsai trees can be repotted any time of year if reasonable after-care is given. Roots can easily be pruned by half. Basic bonsai soil is recommended, although Ficus bonsai trees tolerate many soil conditions.

Indoor / Outdoor:
The Ficus bonsai trees can thrive in both indoor and outdoor conditions. We recommend bringing the tree inside during winter to protect it from freezing.